What’s “Japan Homey Cafes”?

Hello! I’m Anchan!(“Anchan” is my nickname.)

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This article introduces this blog and Japanese traditional cafes.

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About me 

I’m living in Tokyo. But my hometown is Ibaraki.

I have been to cafes many times in Japan, so my hobby is cafe hopping.

I thought I would try to start writing a blog about cafes in English.

Because I’m learning English now, I might make some mistakes in my sentences.

Please tell me If you find mistakes in my blog.

What’s “Japan Homey Cafes”?

There are many cafes in Japan such as modern cafes and traditional cafes.

Which cafes do you go in Japan?

I think you will go to a modern cafe because it’s easy to go.

But Japanese traditional cafes are also really good.

These cafes have good atmosphere and you can be relaxed at a cafe such as your home.

So, I named my blog “Japan Homey Cafes”.

If you live in Japan and have trouble finding a cafe, you should see this blog.

What’s Japanese traditional cafe?

I guess “Japan traditional cafes” means cafes that opened a long time ago, especially in the Showa era.

These cafes are loved by locals for a long time.

I think most of these cafes have some features like below.

Privately owned cafes

Japan traditional cafes are almost owned by an individual.

So, most of them are small cafes.

Coffee specialty cafes

They usually serve specialty coffee.

There are various brewing method such as a siphon, flannel drip and paper drip.

You will enjoy while watching the staff brewing coffee.

Exterior and Interior Designs

They have been opened for a long time.

Unlike chain cafes, they have unique exterior and interior characteristic.

For example, wooden or carpeted floor, old furniture, wedgwood cups and stuff like that.

What’s your anxiety factor?

What do you do when you go to a cafe in Japan?

You might research about a cafe on the internet.

If you want to go to a Japanese traditional cafes, you try it!

I list up the information below of what you would like to know.

If take-out is okay?

Most of these cafes don’t allow take-out.

But a few of them are doing so because of the coronavirus.

Please check “take-out” or “テイクアウト(in Japanese)” in these cafes.

Is there English menu and English speaking staff?

Most of these cafes don’t have English menus and English speaking staff because they are privately owned.

If you don’t know what to order at a cafe, I recommend to order “Blended Coffee” (“ブレンドコーヒー” in Japanese).

It’s main coffee at cafe which is blended from various coffee beans at the highest rates.

You will enjoy the flavor and the smell of coffee.

How long can we stay in a cafe?

I think it’s not good to stay long at these cafes.

Because most of these cafes have few seats.

Many people come here and it might fill up soon.

If you want to stay over one hour at these cafes, I think you should order a refill drink.

Is there a charging station or plug?

Most cafes don’t have a charging station and plug.

Can we use a laptop?

I think a laptop can’t be used in these cafes.

If you want to use a laptop, you should go to modern cafes.

Please relax and forget about work when you go to these cafes.

Let’s go to Japanese traditional cafes!!

I think Japanese traditional cafes make you relaxed.

I hope you try to go to these cafes!

Have a nice time!


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