The 10 Best Traditional Cafes in Ginza


Hi, everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog! This article is a guide to the 10 best traditional cafes in Ginza, Tokyo. 

Ginza is one of the most famous places for tourists in Tokyo. There are a lot of shops like department stores, cafes, restaurants and stuff like that. In those shops, there are also some retro cafes. Would you like to go to these retro cafes instead of Starbucks once in a while?



Tricolore has a history of over eighty years old. It’s located about three minutes from Ginza station on foot. Then, you can easily recognize the brick exterior. Moreover, it has a revolving door. It’s like a European style house. It’s a two-story cafe, both of them have a classical atmosphere. 


There are some sandwiches and homemade cakes at the cafe. Of course, it has aromatic coffee. In addition, the cafe opens in the morning, so the breakfast set (a thick toast, fresh salad and drink) is recommended! You can enjoy a soothing time!

[Cafe] Tricolore / Ginza / A cafe with an impressive revolving door I will introduce a cafe named “Tricolore” in Ginza, Tokyo. Th...

Ginza West

If you want to eat delicious cakes, you should go to this cafe! This cafe is one of the famous cake shops in Tokyo. You can find these shops in the department stores. Although these shops are only for takeouts, this main shop has a cafe space where you can dine in. The table is covered with a pure white tablecloth and Beethoven’s bronze statue at the cafe.

If you order a cake set, the staff will show a sample. There are usually about 10 kinds of cakes. All of them are delicious! Let’s go to the sophisticated cafe! 

[Cafe] Ginza West / Ginza / A cafe with a elegant atmosphere I will introduce a cafe named “Ginza West” in Ginza, Tokyo. T...

Cafe Le Temps

cafeletemps_exteriorThe sign

This cafe is in the basement of the building. So you might not find it easily. But once you go down and enter the cafe, you can have a quiet and comfortable time. The cafe has dim space and a lot of antique interiors. 

cafeletemps_waffleDelicious waffles

There is some coffee from different regions and some sweets like waffles and crepes! Reading books at the cafe would be a special time for you.

[Cafe] Cafe Le Temps / Ginza / Speciality time to spend with antiques This article will introduce a cafe called “Cafe Le Temps” in Gin...


kinohana_exteriorA nice exterior

Kinohana is located near Kabuki theater which is the most famous place to watch a Japanese traditional culture. John Lennon and Ono Yoko had been to this cafe a long time ago. After that, a lot of people came there to remember his memory. It’s on the second-floor and has a warm atmosphere.

kinohana_cheesecakeCheesecake and coffee set

You can eat authentic curry. It’s a lot of ingredients like vegetables and peas. Moreover, there are some menus after John Lennon like cake sets and blended coffee.

[Cafe] Kinohana / Higashi-Ginza / Quiet time at a cafe John Lennon also visited This article will introduce a cafe called “Kinohana” in Higashi-...

Cafe Paulista


This cafe is said to be the oldest cafe in Ginza. It has a long history of about 110 years. It’s said some historical figures had been there. 


If you visit the cafe, you will enjoy special coffee. And there are a lot of food and cake menus, so you can have a funny time whenever you go there. It’s also recommended to go to this cafe in the morning!

[Cafe] Cafe Paulista / Ginza / Spend time at a cafe over 100 years old! This article will introduce a cafe called “Cafe Paulista” in Gin...



France-ya is the nearest cafe from Matsuya Ginza, which is a department store in Ginza. When you go down the stairs, you see a large warm space and chandelier in the basement.

franceya_csetCset 700yen

These are some breakfast and lunch menus, sweets like parfait. Coffee and tea are served in the Wedgwood’s cup, which is one of the most famous pottery in the world. You will have a cozy time at this cafe!

[Cafe] France-ya / Ginza / Reasonable breakfast at an elegant cafeIf you want to eat breakfast in Ginza, you should go to this cafe “ ...

Tsuki no hanare


This cafe is located on the fifth-floor and it doesn’t have an elevator, so you have to go up the stairs. You can see a lot of plants at the cafe. And it has open-door seats! If the weather is sunny, you’ll sit in open-door seats while feeling a nice wind. 

tsukinohanare_lemoncakeLemon cake 700yen

The popular menu is a moon shaped cake! It looks so cute and delicious! In addition, the cafe serves some alcohol. Let’s try to enjoy it !

[Cafe] Tsuki no hanare / Ginza / Speciality time surrounded with greeneryIf you want to spend time surrounded with greenery, you should go to...



This cafe is located in the back alley of Ginza 7-chome. If you want to drink aromatic coffee, you should go to this cafe! This cafe has a coffee roasting machine. The coffee that the cafe serves is home roasted in the cafe.

310COFFEE_neapolitanNeapolitan set 1,400 yen

There are some food menus such as Neapolitan, which is a kind of spaghetti. The cafe’s coffee is a nice combination with handmade cakes.  Also, it’s possible to smoke inside the cafe anytime.  

[Cafe] 310.COFFEE / Ginza / Enjoying specialty coffee at relaxing cafeIf you want to drink a specialty coffee in Ginza, you should go to a...



This cafe is located at the corner of Nishi-Ginza street. There are some signboards on the canopy, so you can easily notice this cafe. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

ranzu_financiersFinanciers 180 yen

The cafe serves coffee brewing siphon machines. There is some seasonal coffee and some food like pizza toast and parfaits. Of course, the cafe’s staff are kind, so you can spend a relaxing time!

[Cafe] Ranzu / Ginza / Spend a time for adults at a retro cafeHave you ever thought about that? For example, I want to drink a ...

Cafe de l’ambre

It takes about 3 minutes from Shimbashi station to this cafe on foot. I think this cafe is the most famous cafe for foreign tourists in Ginza. So the cafe’s staff are used to dealing with foreign tourists.

This cafe serves only coffee, not food menus. There are a lot of kinds of coffee, so you ask the staff for their recommendation. You might spend a special time at the cafe!


This book is introduced many cafes of Ginza!

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