[Cafe] Cafes Roundup in Ginza

Hello. I’m Anchan!

This article introduces “Cafes Roundup in Ginza”!

I have introduced some Ginza’s cafes so far. Ginza is one of my favorite towns in Tokyo and I have many memories there.

There are many cafes that have a long history in Ginza.

You might enjoy looking at the exterior and the interior.

Let’s go to a cafe and have a good time!

Let’s go to a cafe in Ginza!


It takes about three minutes from Ginza station.

“Tricolore” has a classical ambience.

For example, brick style building, revolving door, chandeliers, velvet sofas and stuff like that.

There are many delicious menus such as breakfast, eclair and cafe au lait.

If you visit there, you might realize even more you are in Ginza!

[Cafe] Tricolore / Ginza / A cafe with an impressive revolving door I will introduce a cafe named “Tricolore” in Ginza, Tokyo. Th...

Ginza West

“Ginza West” is located along Sotobori street.

There are many branches in department stores.

When you enter the cafe, you can see sophisticated decorations like white tablecloths.

You are able to choose cakes from many kinds when you order a cake set.

Besides that, “Leaf Pie” is delicious and perfect for gifts.

[Cafe] Ginza West / Ginza / A cafe with a elegant atmosphere I will introduce a cafe named “Ginza West” in Ginza, Tokyo. T...

Cafe Le Temps

“Cafe Le Temps” is located in the basement of West Fifth Avenue in Ginza.

There are many antique goods at the cafe.

It’s so quiet, so you might want to spend it quietly even if you visit with someone.

The cafe has some good sweets such as burdock chocolate cake and waffles.

You might spend a relaxing time at the cafe.

[Cafe] Cafe Le Temps / Ginza / Speciality time to spend with antiques This article will introduce a cafe called “Cafe Le Temps” in Gin...


“Kinohana” is in a back street of Kabukiza.

The cafe is famous for been visited by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Their signature is decorated in the cafe.

Curry is one of the popular menus at the cafe.

Would you like to spend a special time while seeing the streetscape in Ginza?

[Cafe] Kinohana / Higashi-Ginza / Quiet time at a cafe John Lennon also visited This article will introduce a cafe called “Kinohana” in Higashi-...

Cafe Paulista

It takes about five minutes from Shimbashi station.

“Cafe Paulista” has a very long history in Ginza.

This cafe had also visited by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

There are many kinds of breakfast and delicious chocolate cake at the cafe!

[Cafe] Cafe Paulista / Ginza / Spend time at a cafe over 100 years old! This article will introduce a cafe called “Cafe Paulista” in Gin...


“France-ya” is the back of Matsuya Ginza.

When you go down the stairs, you will see a large space in the basement.

There are reasonable breakfast, lunch menus and parfait at the cafe.

Coffee and tea are served with a cup of Wedgewood, so you will enjoy having a special time in Ginza.

[Cafe] France-ya / Ginza / Reasonable breakfast at an elegant cafeIf you want to eat breakfast in Ginza, you should go to this cafe “ ...

Tsuki no hanare

If you go up the stairs in a building, you will see an urban oasis.

“Tsuki no hanare” is a good place for people to relax surrounded by trees.

And you can enjoy seeing art and listening to music.

Would you like to spend time to the full?

[Cafe] Tsuki no hanare / Ginza / Speciality time surrounded with greeneryIf you want to spend time surrounded with greenery, you should go to...


You can enjoy drinking home-roasting coffee at “310.COFFEE”.

The cafe has a big window along the street, so it’s bright from the sunlight that comes in through it.

Coffee is a good combination with foods and sweets.

If you sit in the counter seat, you will enjoy looking at the cafe’s owner brewing coffee on the flannel drip.

[Cafe] 310.COFFEE / Ginza / Enjoying specialty coffee at relaxing cafeIf you want to drink a specialty coffee in Ginza, you should go to a...


“Ranzu” is located on Nisi-ginza street.

There are various kinds of coffee beans, you can drink a good deal every month.

You might be relaxing while drinking tasty coffee.

The cafe has many delicious foods. For example, pizza toast, financiers, parfaits and stuff like that.

So you will be full whenever you go there.

[Cafe] Ranzu / Ginza / Spend a time for adults at a retro cafeHave you ever thought about that? For example, I want to drink a ...

Let’s enjoy having a time at Ginza’s cafes!

Of course, there are many cafes in Ginza besides I introduced in this article.

I have visited a lot of cafes.

Unfortunately, some cafes were already closed. So I often think “I wanted to go there again…”.

Although you can’t go to a cafe that is already closed, you might remember the time you spent in other Ginza’s cafes.

I haven’t written an article about any other cafes yet. So I will try to write it if I go to a cafe again.

Would you like to go to a cafe you’re interested in?

This book is introduced many cafes of Ginza!

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