[Cafe] Recommendation books about cafes


There are many books about Japanese traditional cafes.

If you read these books, you feel like you go there and can know about these cafes.

This article introduces books I’ve read so far.

Please read these books and find your favorite cafe.

What books about cafes do you recommend?

My recommended books are the following 8 books.

I think I will update this article if I buy a new book.

Almost of books I will introduce after this are written in only Japanese.

So if you can’t understand the content, but you will enjoy many photos like photo books.


This book is written in both Japanese and English to offer information about Japanese culture.

There are not only Japanese traditional cafes but also old building cafes and cafes of Karuizawa in the book.

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(2024/07/14 18:57:19時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)


This book is written by one of famous person who loved Japanese traditional cafes.

The book introduces many cafes with photos all over Japan.

There is a list at the end of the book, you can know about many Japanese traditional cafes.


This book is featured on popular menus at these cafes.

The book is also written about birth secret stories of popular menus, you will know about the cafe’s history.

You might be hungry if you read this book.

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(2024/07/14 12:31:35時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)


These cafes are creating a characteristic space such as exterior and interior.

This book introduces the space of these cafes.

You will see many beautiful photos.


A cream soda (melon flavor soda with soft serve cream) is one of the popular menu items at these cafes.

These menus are different for each cafe.

This book introduces only cream soda in all over Japan.

There are many colors, you can enjoy watching these colors.

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(2024/07/14 18:57:19時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)


I want to eat sweet menus when I go to these cafes.

I think it feels like happiness because you can enjoy it with the special space.

This book introduces sweet menus such as pancake, pudding a la mode, parfait and stuff like that.

You will be looking forward to going to these cafes because the book also introduces cafe’s pride.

『純喫茶とあまいもの 京都編』

This book is the Kyoto version that I introduced earlier.

There are many nice cafes in Kyoto and the book are carefully selected.

The sweet menus will guide you to a special time.

『Hanako 喫茶店に恋して。』

This book is a lifestyle magazine featuring Japanese traditional cafes.

There are many cafes such as recently opened and celebrity’s favorite.

You can find some new cafes you didn’t know until now.

Let’s go to these cafes that are introducing books!

This time, there are only a few books introduced.

If you see these books directly, you will want to go to these cafes.

Have a great time!


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