[Cafe] Tricolore / Ginza / A cafe with an impressive revolving door

Hello! I’m Anchan!

I will introduce a cafe named “Tricolore” in Ginza, Tokyo.

This cafe is started in 1936 and is loved by many people.

Exterior of the cafe is brick style that is suitable in Ginza

Tricolore_exteriorBrick style exterior and a revolving door

You will find the cafe when you walk in Ginza.

The exterior of the cafe is brick style, so it’s beautiful!

It features a revolving door. It’s rare in Japan.

If you revolve the door and enter the cafe, you will see a space like medieval Europe.

The first floor has a red velvet sofa and the second floor is western style building.

Morning set you can eat in the elegant seat is really special!

Tricolore_morningDelicious morning set with toast and salad

Whenever you visit, you will have a good time at the cafe.

But my recommendation is to visit in the morning.

Ginza in the morning is a quiet time before being busy in the daytime.

You can eat a reasonable breakfast in the morning.

A thick toast with butter and strawberry jam is just right.

You will be happy if you eat it.

Flannel drip coffee is rich in aroma

Tricolore_interiorClassical style counter seats

This cafe served flannel drip coffee brewing every one cup.

Please try “Cafe latte” which is a favorite to many.

The coffee is served and mixed in front of you. So you can adjust the amount of coffee and milk.

You can feel a coffee and milk flavor and aroma with creamy foam.

You can also eat cake such as eclair and apple pie

Tricolore_eclairCute and tasty eclair

The cafe’s coffee is of course delicious, but please try to eat  cake such as eclair and apple pie.

The eclair is added with custard cream and the apple pie has soft boiled apple are really tasty!

These cakes lined up on the showcase near the door and seemed elegant.

You will have a rich time with tasty coffee and delicious cake at the cafe.

Let’s go to “Tricolore” and enjoy your time!!

I introduced the cafe called “Tricolore” in Ginza, Tokyo.

I hope you will visit this cafe!

Have a great time!


Address 5-9-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access Ginza Station – 1 minute walk (Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line)
Hours Weekdays 8:00-20:30
Weekends and holidays: 8:00-21:00
Closed day None
Free wifi None
Charger None
Smoking Non smoking
English menu Unknown
English speaking staff Unknown
Name in Japanese トリコロール本店

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