[Cafe] Cafe Benisica / Yurakucho / Try to eat a delicious “Pizza toast”!

Hello! I’m Anchan!

Have you ever eaten “Pizza toast”?

“Pizza toast” is a famous food in Japan.

It’s spread tomato paste on bread and put round slices of green peppers, sliced onions and plenty of cheese!

It looks like genuine pizza, but it’s fluffier than pizza.

This article introduces “Cafè Benisica” in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

“Pizza toast” started from this cafe and spread all over Japan.

Would you like to have delicious food called “Pizza toast”?

This cafe has a long history

“Cafe Benisica” is a 4-minute walk from Yurakucho station. You will see a retro exterior of the cafe.


“Cafe Benisica” opened in 1957.

There are some theaters around here. One of the theaters is “Takarazuka revue company”, the most famous theater company in Japan.

Many fans visit the cafe before and after watching a play. I used to visit there before watching a play to eat breakfast.

Tempting menus

“Pizza toast” has melted cheese!

You should order “Pizza toast” when you visit the cafe.

Because “Pizza toast” of the cafe has a long history and has been served for the first time in Japan.

benisica_pizzatoastPizza toast set 1,450yen

Golden brown cheese is put on fluffy toast, it looks delicious! And there are also green peppers, salami and onions on the toast.

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Other cafe’s pizza toast is also delicious, but it’s worth it to eat this cafe’s pizza toast!

benisica_toastButtered toast at breakfast

Beautiful coffee like a actress of Takarazuka

This cafe has a coffee menu called “Cafe Takarazuka”. Because the theater of Takarazuka revue company is around there.

Rose shaped whipped cream is put in cocktail grass.

When the cafe’s staff pour coffee, whipped cream is turned around the glass. It looks like Takarazuka’s actress is dancing.

You will enjoy watching it!

I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of the menu. If I drink it, I will update this article.

Menu introduces this article

Pizza toast set : 1,450yen

Cafe Takarazuka : 850yen

Let’s go to “Cafe Benisica” and enjoy your time!

I introduced the cafe called “Cafe Benisica” in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

I hope you will go there and try to eat “Pizza toast”.

There are many kinds of menus at the cafe, so you will find a favorite menu!

Cafe Benisica

AddressMatsui Building 1F, 1-6-8 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
AccessYurakucho Station – 4 minute walk (JR Line)
HoursMon.-Fri. 11:00 a.m. – 11:45 p.m.
Sat.-Sun. 10:00 a.m. – 11:45 p.m.
Closed dayNone
Free wifiOK
SmokingSeparate Smoking
English menuOnly some parts
English speaking staffUnknown
Name in Japanese珈琲館 紅鹿舎

* Opening hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed.

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