[Cafe] L’ambre / Shinjuku / Special time at the cafe like a underground palace

Do you like going to Shinjuku?

Shinjuku is always crowded by many people, so you may feel tired.

Would you go to a cafe called “L’ambre” if you feel tired?

The cafe looks good and you might be relaxed.

Large space that you can’t imagine in the basement

“L’ambre” started in 1950 and is located within walking distance from Shinjuku station. The cafe has a yellow signature.


When you go downstairs, you will find a luxury space like a medieval European palace.

The basement is divided into two spaces and has 200 seats!


You might feel spacious because there is a high ceiling in the basement.

There is a Beethoven’s portrait, a chandelier, a grand staircase and stuff like that. Most of them make the cafe more luxurious.


And there are people who hold a meeting at the cafe.

I think people should read a book better than work at Japanese traditional cafes.

But I guess you can finish more tasks than you expected at “L’ambre”.

Whichever seat you sit, you will have a great time on the comfortable sofa.

Many menus that makes you full

“Kohaku set” is a suitable breakfast

The cafe has a “Kohaku set” that is named after the cafe’s name.

l’ambre_ambersetKohaku set 950yen

“Kohaku” is an amber color in Japanese and “L’ambre” means amber in French.

The menu has toast, cabbage salad, yogurt with blueberry sauce and drinks on the wood plate.

You might think of a great name when you see the menu.

The cafe doesn’t have a breakfast, but “Kohaku set” is a suitable breakfast.

You will have a refreshing time while eating a good balanced menu.

“Pizza toast” that has a plenty of cheese is recommended

“Pizza toast” which is a regular menu item in Japanese traditional cafes is also in “L’ambre”.

l’ambre_pizzatoastPizza toast set 1,100yen

There is bacon, sliced onions and green pepper and plenty of cheese on the thick toast.

And they are served with salad and drink on the wood plate.

Your mouth is filled with cheese and pizza sauce if you eat a bite, so you might be happy.

Menu introduces this article

Kohaku set 950yen

Pizza toast set 1,100yen

Let’s go to “L’ambre” and enjoy your time!

I introduced the cafe called “L’ambre” in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

I hope you will go there and have a great time.

The cafe has a wonderful space in the basement, you might have a relaxed time.


Address3-31-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
AccessShinjuku Station – 5 minute walk (JR Line)
Hours9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed dayNone
Free wifiNone
SmokingNon Smoking
English menuNone
English speaking staffNone
Name in Japanese名曲・珈琲 らんぶる

* Opening hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed.

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