[Cafe] Ōjō / Ueno / The supreme time with the thickest fluffy toast!

Hello! I’m Anchan!

This article will introduce a cafe called “Ōjō” in Ueno, Tokyo.

There are many Japanese traditional cafes in Ueno, the cafe is loved by men and women of all ages among these.

You should go there because the cafe has many tempting menus.

Would you like to spend supreme time at the cafe?

The interior is very extravagantly decorated!

Speaking of Ueno’s cafe, many of Japanese people would think of this cafe.

The cafe opens from the morning, so I often go there if I want to eat breakfast at a cafe.

ojo_exteriorThe nice brick exterior

When you walk at Ueno the morning sun is bright, you will find the nice brick exterior.

You might look at a ceiling because it has a luxurious chandelier and decoration around it.

ojo_ceilingThis is a luxurious chandelier

And then, a sofa with a good texture is also one of the fascinating items.

ojo_interiorGood texture sofas
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Menus that both your stomach and heart are satisfied

The toast is surprisingly thick!!

My recommendation if you go there is a breakfast with thick toast.

You will be surprised when you see the toast.

ojo_toastReally thick toast

I guess the toast’s thick is about six centimeter!

Buttered toast is really big, but you can eat it smoothly.

Before the coronavirus, silver tableware fascinates me.

ojo_toast_oldSilver tableware is good before the coronavirus

But now, sanitizers put on table countermeasures against the coronavirus, so you can eat it without worry.

“Ōjō soda” looks like a jewelry

There are a lot of menus at the cafe, my recommendation is also “Ōjō soda” with the name of the cafe.

ojo_soda“Ojo soda” looks like a jewerly

It made the soda resembling a signature’s color that used to be here.

You might think you just want to keep looking at the drink.

Because the color is really beautiful like jewelry.

And you can add ice cream for an extra 100 yen.

You will be fascinated by the soda’s appearance if you add ice cream.

Let’s go to “Ōjō” and enjoy your time!

I introduced the cafe called “Ōjō” in Ueno, Tokyo.

I hope you will go there and eat a thick toast and “Ōjō soda”.

You should go there to a cafe with a nice interior.


Address 6-8-15 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access Ueno Station – 4 minute walk (JR Line)
Hours 8:00am – 7:00pm
Closed day None
Free wifi None
Charger None
Smoking Non Smoking
English menu None
English speaking staff None
Budget Thick toast : 700yen
Ojo soda : 650yen
Name in Japanese 王城

* Opening hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed.

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