[Cafe] ROYAL / Yurakucho / A cafe with a shining space in the basement

Hello! I’m Anchan!

I will introduce a cafe named “ROYAL” in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

This cafe was started in 1965 at the same time as opening Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan.

When you enter this cafe, you will feel the Showa era.

There are some businessmen who have a meeting at the cafe.

The atmosphere of Showa era at the basement

royal_exteriorYou might feel the Showa era

There are many retro shops at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan in front of Yurakucho station.

There are also some shops that are difficult to enter, but “ROYAL” is easy to visit for even one woman.

You will find something such as stained glass, red chairs and the cafe’s crown logo.

They are just right, the word “Showa retro”.

The cafe has many seats, so the inside of the cafe is really large.

It used to be possible to smoke but now it is quit smoking.

If you want to smoke, you will smoke in the smoking space near the entrance.

The menus are simple but they’re delicious!

A morning set with thick toast

royal_morningsetYou can order a morning set on just weekdays

If you visit the cafe, I want you to order a morning set.

You can order the morning set on just weekdays because it opens a little late on weekends.

The morning set has thick toast, salad and boiled egg on an egg stand.

These are simple but you will be happy to see a beautiful set.

The cafe isn’t crowded in the morning, so you can have a good time on the large floor.

Many of the meal menus are also delicious!

royal_cheesetunatoast“Cheese tuna toast” is popular menu

There are also many tasty meals at the cafe.

For example, curry rice, pilaf and pasta. These are loved by many people.

My recommendation is “Cheese tuna flake toast”.

The baguette has plenty of cheese and tuna flakes, so it’s enough to eat.

You will find a food sample in front of the cafe’s entrance.

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A cake set on the silver tray

royal_cakesetA cake set is also popular

The morning set and meal menus of course, you will also enjoy to eat dessert.

You will be served a cake set on the silver tray and it also has a small sherbet.

Additionally, popular parfait is retro style and so cute.

Let’s go to “ROYAL” and enjoy your time!!

I introduced the cafe called “ROYAL” in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

I hope you will eat some nostalgic menus at this large cafe in Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan!

Have a great time!


AddressTokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
AccessYurakucho Station – 1 minute walk (JR Line)
HoursMon.-Fri. 8:00-19:30
Sat.-Sun. 11:00-18:30
Closed dayTokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Close day
Free wifiNone
SmokingNon smoking (There is a smorking area)
English menuUnknown
English speaking staffUnknown
Name in Japaneseローヤル

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