Place Review: Mizusawa Coffee Shop, Cozy Cafe in a Residential Area


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This article is a guide to “Mizusawa Coffee Shop” cafe in Mizonokuchi, Kanagawa. It’s located in a quiet residential area, so you’ll spend soothing time. If you are a coffee lover, you should go to this cafe! You can drink home roasted coffee! Let’s enjoy at the cafe!

Interior Design

There are green color’s chair, warmth of wood and antique items at the cafe. They are in perfect balance and make the atmosphere of the cafe feel even better. Japanese books about coffee are lined up by the window seats, and you might want to read them or see only photographs while you wait to serve!

Moreover, the cafe is run mom-and-pop, which is another element of the relaxing atmosphere. The old owner is so kind and friendly, so you will be a fan in no time!



If you visit the cafe, you should order an omelet with rice. The omelet with rice is a specialty dish by the cafe’s owner! A ketchup flavored rice is covered with omelet. Also, it’s topped with demi-glaze sauce. The sauce has a lot of vegetables. An omelet is soft and melty, it’s so delicious! Perhaps you might not be comfortable with eating soft omelet, but once you try them, you will like them.


Moreover, my recommendation is a homemade cake! These cakes are made the owner’s wife. There are usually about four to five different types of cakes. On this day, I ordered a strawberry cake. It has a fresh strawberry and dipped strawberries in brown sugar. The sweet strawberries and the dough are a perfect combination and very tasty!

Of course, it’s a home roaster cafe, so coffee is great! There are some different types of coffees at the cafe. If you visit there for the first time, you should order blended coffee. You feel the goodness of the cafe!

How to Get There

If you are going to the cafe, you should get off the train at Denenchofu Line Takatsu station. After going out the exit, you walk for about five minutes. After that, you will see this cafe in a quiet residential area. The cafe is located along the road and you’ll see a white wall and a brown signboard. Have a great time at the cafe!

Shop NameMizusawa Coffee Shop (みずさわ珈琲店)
Address5-11-23 Futago, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa
AccessTakatsu Station – 5 minute walk (Denenchofu Line)
Hours9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Closed dayThursday, Second Wednesday
Free wifi ChargerUnknown
SmokingNon Smoking
English menuUnknown
Opening hours may vary due to the new coronavirus. Please check the latest information in advance.


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