[Cafe] Hamanoya Parlor / Yurakucho / Sandwiches are beloved for many years

Hello! I’m Anchan!

I will introduce a cafe named “Hamanoya Parlor” inYurakucho, Tokyo.

This cafe was reopened in 2012 to preserve the previous cafe named “Hamanoya”.

There are some branches in the imperial hotel and Shibuya PARCO besides Yurakucho.

The retro inside where record flow

The cafe is located in the basement of the Shin-Yurakucho building.

When you enter there, you will find brown leather sofas and low tables.

And you will also find Omikugi machines on these tables.

The machine can be fortunate-telling if you put in 100 yen.

You might feel interesting when you watch a cafe’s staff who change the record.

Popular menus that preserve the tradition from the previous owner

Heartwarming egg sandwiches

hamanoyaparlor-eggsandwichesEgg sandwiches of popular menu

A popular menu of “Hamanoya Parlor” is egg sandwiches.

Fluffy Japanese omelet is a good combination with bread and is delicious. So you might eat a lot of them.

You will take a picture because the sandwiches are beautifully lined up.

These are cut into small pieces, so you will think they are easy to eat.

You can choose a favorite taste

hamanoyaparlor-sandwichesYou can choose two tastes

There are six ingredients of sandwiches such as ham, cheese, vegetables, tuna flake and fruits besides egg.

You can choose not only one taste but also two tastes.

And you can also toast the bread and find your favorite taste.

If you visit there with your friends or family, you will enjoy sharing some tastes.

Cream soda with cute pink color

hamanoyaparlor-creamsodaCream soda with cute pink color

Sandwiches are popular menus at the cafe, but other menus are also heartwarming.

When I visit the cafe, I often order a cream soda (soda with soft served cream) among them.

Most of Japanese traditional cafes have a cream soda of green color, but the cafe’s cream soda has a light pink color.

The cream soda is just right for the atmosphere of the cafe and you might want to watch for a long time.

Let’s go to “Hamanoya Parlor” and enjoy your time!!

I introduced the cafe called “Hamanoya Parlor” in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

I hope you will visit this cafe and eat delicious sandwiches!

Have a great time!

Hamanoya Parlor

Address Shin Yurakucho-building B1, 1-12-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access Yurakucho Station – 1 minute walk (JR Line)
Hours Mon.-Sat. 9:00-21:00
Sun. 11:00-20:00
Closed day Holiday, Year-end and New Year holidays
Free wifi None
Charger None
Smoking Non smoking
English menu Unknown
English speaking staff Unknown
Name in Japanese はまの屋パーラー

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