[Cafe] Ginza West / Ginza / A cafe with a elegant atmosphere

Hello! I’m Anchan!!

I will introduce a cafe named “Ginza West” in Ginza, Tokyo.

This cafe is started in 1947 as a restaurant.

Now, you will find the cafe’s name at a department store in Tokyo.

There are also some branches, Aoyama and Yokohama.

These cafes are crowded every weekend.

You can feel Ginza your fill at the elegant interior

When you walk from Sukiyabashi street to Sotobori street, you will see a blue tent.

And you will also see a cute design of the cafe.

You can buy cakes at the cafe front.

When you enter the cafe, there is a nice atmosphere there.

Classical music is playing and there is a bust of Beethoven in the cafe.

You can be recognized again that you are in Ginza.

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There are a lot of tempting menus

There are many cakes of gentle taste

ginzawest_cakeRemon cake and tea

I recommend eating a cake if you visit this cafe.

When you order a cake set, a cafe’s staff will bring a cake sample.

Although the kind of cake changes every season, these are about ten kinds of cakes and you will choose your favorite cake.

Corned beef sandwiches are really tasty!!

ginzawest_cornedbeefsandwichesCorned beef sandwiches

These cakes are of course tasty, but light meal menus like sandwiches are also delicious at the cafe.

My recommendation is corned beef sandwiches that are limited to six meals on weekdays.

These are really smooth textures, you will be addicted to this menu.

You can refill a drink!

ginzawest_royalmilkteaRoyal milk tea can be also refilled

“Ginza West “ can be refilled with a drink such as coffee or tea.

And you can refill a drink called “Cafe au lait” and “Royal milk tea” and more.

The staff ask you at just the right time and change your cup.

You can refill any number of cups, so you might stay for a long time at the cafe.

A perfect gift such as leaf pie for your loved one

After you enjoyed eating a delicious cake, please purchase baked sweets.

Baked sweets of “Ginza West” really bring out the full flavour of the ingredients.

Leaf pie that popular sweet of the cafe can be felt as a flavour of butter and make you smile.

You can purchase these baked sweets, so it’s a perfect gift for your loved one.

created by Rinker
(2023/11/30 10:35:30時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)

Let’s go to “Ginza West” and enjoy your time!!

I introduced the cafe called “Ginza West” in Ginza, Tokyo.

I hope you will visit this cafe and eat delicious cakes!

Have a great time!

Ginza West

Address 7-3-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access Ginza Station – 5 minute walk (Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line)
Hours Weekdays 9:00-21:00
Weekends and holidays: 11:00-20:00
Closed day None
Free wifi None
Charger None
Smoking Non smoking
English menu OK
English speaking staff Unknown
Name in Japanese 銀座ウエスト

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