[Cafe] Biwako / Umeyashiki / There is a long history cafe at a shopping district

Have you ever been to a shopping district in Japan?

There are generally many stores such as greengrocer and fish shops.

If you go there, you will know the Japanese lifestyle.

This article introduces a cafe called Biwako.

The cafe is located in a shopping district near the Umeyashiki station.

Would you like to enjoy spending time at the homey cafe?

A good-old cafe at a shopping district along the Keikyu Line

It takes about twenty minutes from Shinagawa station to Umeyashiki station by the Keikyu Line.

Keikyu Line is easy to access for Shinagawa, Haneda Airport and Yokohama.

You should get off at one station before Kamata station.

Turn left when you get off at the Umeyashiki station. And go straight for about ten minutes on foot while looking at many shops on both ends.


You will see a cafe such as a hut on the left side.

This is a cafe called “Biwako” is introduces in this article. “Biwako” is the same name as the lake in Shiga prefecture.


Let’s try entering the cafe!


It has a dark colored wood and white colored walls of the cafe. And the cafe is bright from the sunlight that comes in through the big window along the street.

There are some tables for two and four people.

One of the famous Japanese actors used to be a regular customer. There is his signature at the cafe, so please look at it if you’re interested.

There are various food menus!

Let’s eat reasonable breakfast at “Biwako”!

“Biwako” opens from eight o’clock except every Wednesday. So you can eat delicious breakfast not only on weekdays but also on weekends!

There are four kinds of breakfast below…

Breakfast Menu
  • A: toast, salad, drink 490 yen
  • B: toast, fried egg, salad, drink 550 yen
  • C: toast, ham and fried egg, salad, drink 590 yen
  • Original healthy morning: healthy bread, salad, drink 880 yen

*You can choose from, hot coffee, iced coffee, hot milk, iced milk, Oolong tea.

biwako_breakfastBreakfast (C type) 590 yen

This picture is “C” meal. You’re able to have a good balanced breakfast.

Neapolitan Spaghetti is also delicious!

Do you know “Neapolitan Spaghetti”?

It’s one of the popular foods at the Japanese traditional cafes! It uses a ketchup sauce, slices of green pepper, onion, and stuff like that. It tastes a little sour because it uses a ketchup sauce.

biwako_neapolitanspaghettiNeapolitan Spaghetti 900 yen

The features of this cafe’s menu use ground meats. So you can taste, the texture of meat.

The menu was introduced on the TV show!

biwako_ricecasserole“A rice casserole” is also tasty!

Plum soda is perfect for a hot day!

My other recommendation is “Plum soda”.

biwako_plumsodaPlum soda 700 yen

It uses handmade plum jam and pours soda. So it’s perfect for summer!

You can enjoy drinking it while mixing with soda or eating the jam directly.

The soda has a big glass, so you might be able to spend a long time.

Menu introduces this article

Neapolitan Spaghetti
– Include a drink : 900 yen
– Not include a drink : 730 yen

Plum soda : 700 yen

Let’s go to “Biwako” and enjoy your time!

I introduced the cafe called “Biwako” in Umeyashiki, Tokyo.

The feature of “Biwako” is …
  • It’s founded in 1979.
  • There are many delicious menus.
  • You can enjoy drinks siphon brewed coffee.

I hope you will go there. You might enjoy having a great time in a town you don’t know.

If you go there, please try enjoying the ambience of the shopping district.


Address 2-4-7 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Access Umeyashiki Station – 10 minute walk (Keikyu Line)
Hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed day Wednesday
Free wifi Unknown
Charger Unknown
Smoking Non Smoking
English menu None
English speaking staff Unknown
Name in Japanese 琵琶湖

* Opening hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed.

Below books are introdecued “Biwako”!

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