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If you want to experience Japanese traditional culture at a cafe, you should go to “Samurai Cafe” in Kameido.

You might be interested in the cafe’s name “Samurai”. You will enjoy Japanese culture at the cafe.

This article introduces the cafe’s interior and recommended menus.

You might want to go there after you finish reading this article.

Let’s go to the Edo era! You can travel into the past!

“Samurai Cafe” is located in front of Kameido Station.


You can see the exterior of the cafe’s building when you arrive at the east exit of Kameido Station.

The building has a yellow color’s exterior and has the signature “Rocking chair’s cafe”.

You might think “What’s a rocking chair’s cafe?”

The menu is put at the entrance of the building, so you can make sure the prices before you enter.

When you go up stairs and enter the cafe, the cafe’s staff greet you.

You should sit at the counter if it’s available.

The counter seats use rocking chairs!!

It will be surprising for you!

Rocking chair has a wide width, so you can be more relaxed than at other seats.

You will be able to see goods such as Japanese swords, Japanese tiles and pictures.

And “両(Ryo)” is written on the menu. “両(Ryo)” is the Edo era’s unit of money in Japan.

Actually, those menu’s prices are “円(Yen)” that present Japanese unit of money.

Don’t forget to look at the Japanese armor near the entrance when you pay.

Menus that you feel sincere work

Speciality coffee with variety coffee cups

There are the most famous cafes in Tokyo.

They are called “Coffee Big Four” in Japan.

Look below …

  • Cafe de l’ambre (Ginza)
  • Cafe Bach (Minami-Senju)
  • Mocha (Kichijoji / Permanently closed)
  • Samurai Coffee (Kameido)

“Samurai Cafe” brews with a paper drip filter after they are ordered.

The taste of coffee is good, of course, you can enjoy seeing the beautiful patterns of coffee cups.

It’s chosen by the staff to suit customers.


This coffee cup was chosen for me twice! I’m not a regular customer, so I was glad the staff chose my favorite color’s coffee cup.

You might be able to choose your favorite cup among many cups.


I chose this cup. It was a cute pattern like a carousel.

Actually, the refill coffee can be ordered at a reasonable price.

Let’s order refill coffee with your favorite cup!

Good balanced breakfast can be started a great day

“Samurai Cafe” opens early in the morning, so there is breakfast.


You can order a breakfast set in addition to a drink.

The breakfast has toast and salad. Salad has potato salad, sliced boiled eggs and oranges.

It will change a day to a wonderful while rocking on the chair.

“Sakura ice cream” is recommended

I also recommend “Sakura ice cream” that is limited to the Spring season.


It is served on a stemmed glass made of copper.

It also has salt pickled cherry blossoms on the top.

You will be able to enjoy seeing, eating and feeling Spring.

Menu introduces this article

Original blended coffee 480 yen

Breakfast set 120 yen

Sakura ice cream 500 yen

Let’s go to “Samurai Cafe” and enjoy your time!

I introduced the cafe called “Samurai Cafe” in Kameido, Tokyo.

The feature of “Samurai Cafe” is …
  • In front of the Kameido Station
  • Japanese sword and armor is displayed
  • There are rocking chairs on the counter seats
  • All the cafe’s staff are very gentle

I hope you will go there and enjoy having a good time.

You might be able to experience a Japanese traditional culture at the cafe.

Samurai Cafe

Address Sampo Building 2F, 6-57-22 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access Kameido Station – 1 minute walk (JR Line)
Hours Mon.-Sat. 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Closed day Sunday
Free wifi None
Charger None
Smoking Non Smoking
English menu Available
English speaking staff Unknown
Name in Japanese 珈琲道場侍

* Opening hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed.

Below books are introdecued “Samurai Cafe”!

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